Whether they’re Kim Seon-ho’s allies or enemies… Some people are trying to cover up his faults

Although the person who was directly involved in the controversy already apologized, the surrounding people are getting even more enthusiastic about the case.

It’s like digging up the mud that has barely sunk. When Kim Seon-ho already released his last words, the third parties claiming to be the actor’s acquaintances have recently stepped up to attack his ex-girlfriend. Thus, the number of people who are trying to cover up Kim Seon-ho‘s faults is increasing again.

Earlier, Kim Seon-ho was caught in a controversy over his private life when his ex-girlfriend – A posted a revelation online to accuse an “actor K” of forcing her to get an abortion under the pretense of marriage. Based on the clues in A’s disclosure, Internet users immediately found out actor K was Kim Seon-ho. Later a reporter-turned Youtuber Lee Jin-ho also confirmed this. Kim Seon-ho and his agency remained silent for 3 days. Then on the morning of the 4th day, Kim Seon-ho admitted his faults and apologized. Moreover, the actor also dropped out of his current entertainment program “2 Days 1 Night” and two upcoming movies, “Dog Days” and “2 O’Clock Date“.

In response to Kim Seon-ho‘s apology, the girlfriend said, “He already apologized to me. I hope people will not spread false rumors and exaggerated stories about us. I will delete this article soon”

With Kim Seon-ho‘s apology and A’s forgiveness, the scandal finally seemed to end. However, an anonymous netizen suddenly appeared claiming to be Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintance and stated, “I will reveal the truth from the view of the third person.”

After that, Dispatch also joined the game today (October 26th). They published a report titled “12 distorted truths about Kim Seon-ho‘s scandal” and even revealed A’s real name. This article cited the testimonies of Kim Seon-ho and A’s acquaintances and juniors, disclosed Kim Seon-ho and A’s text messages, and summarized the whole story in a timeline order.

This article mainly aimed at attacking A. They revealed that A lied to Kim Seon-ho many times while they were dating, and she has an obsession with luxury items. In this report, the identity of A’s ex-husband was also disclosed.

According to what the acquaintances said, while Kim Seon-ho‘s junior accompanied A to the hospital to get an abortion, the actor went to buy ingredients to cook seaweed soup for her. It was revealed that Kim Seon-ho cooked seaweed soup and took care of A for 2 consecutive weeks. Dispatch even pointed out Kim Seon-ho once recited the seaweed soup recipe on “2 Days 1 Night” to prove that he knew how to cook it. In fact, this evidence was revealed to refute A’s accusation that said, “Kim Seon-ho’s attitude changed after the child was aborted.

Although A’s faults were revealed to cover Kim Seon-ho‘s faults, it unexpectedly caused a ‘reverse effect’. Someone is trying to wrap up the case by showing the actor’s sincere action of cooking seaweed soup for his ex, but this controversy’s core problem, which is the closest way to attack Kim Seon-ho, was the content related to “forced abortion”. According to Dispatch’s report, it was Kim Seon-ho who told A to get an abortion in 3 days after knowing about her pregnancy, persuaded A to get rid of the child despite her changing of intention, and asked a junior to accompany A as a guardian on behalf of himself.

Above all, since Kim Seon-ho already apologized directly to A and asked for her forgiveness, it is frustrating to see other people are setting fire to the case again. Did they (the acquaintances) really ask for Kim Seon-ho‘s consent before disclosing the private text messages of the couple? It’s a pity that they can’t tell whether they’re really on Kim Seon-ho’s side or his enemies.


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