When YG idols attend a staff’s wedding, Luckily they didn’t sing BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love

Fans want to apply to be a staff of YG company when they see this wonderful benefit.

On May 5, the images of YG’s idols attending the wedding of a YG staff were spreading on social networks.  Specifically, the 3 groups that were caught appearing at the wedding were AKMU, WINNER (except Seunghoon), and TREASURE. 

In particular, the artists gave the bride and groom sweet songs.  The AKMU brothers seem to have made up.  They sang the lovely song I Love You together at the wedding.  As for TREASURE, a crowd of 12 members came onto the stage, singing the group’s song Slow Motion together, which suits the wedding atmosphere.


Fans, after listening to the YG idol groups singing at the wedding, “melted”, immediately wanted to join YG as a staff with such impressive benefits.

– TREASURE picked cute songs.  I like Slow Motion.

 – Did the two AKMU brothers stop getting mad at each other?

– Luckily they didn’t sing BLACKPINK’s Kill This Love

– How to become a staff of YG?


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