When the music turned off: while some idols demonstrate the confidence, the others were exposed of lipsyncing

The accidents in which the background music turning off are double-edged swords for Kpop idols. While it’s the opportunity to confirm talent for some, the others can be bashed because of failed lip-synching.

The incident of music turning off can happen whenever the artists are performing on stage. In that case, the familiar situation is that the music is turned off in the middle of the song. The cause can be derived from errors in the sound system, organizers errors … which pushed many groups into hilarious situations.

Having trouble is an unavoidable thing, but in fact, there are a lot of groups that have turned those difficulties into opportunities to showcase their skills while continuing to perform professionally. On the other hand, some idol group became embarrassed, did not know how to handle or even being exposed of lip syncing.


Earlier this year, the incident occurred in 2016 again with Apink as the music suddenly turned off during the “LUV” performance of the group. Two years ago, the girls didn’t find this difficult at all. And now, Apink has shown that professionalism has been raised to a new standard. Without the slightest embarrassment, they immediately sang raw in the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. It can be seen, although there wasn’t any background music support, with the sweet voice and confidence, Apink still made the song becomes attractive in the eyes of fans.

“LUV” – Apink


At the Dream Concert 2017, TWICE ‘s bad luck started when the song “Signal” started and Chaeyoung has just sung for a few seconds when suddenly the song was off. She immediately became quiet and embarrassed, not knowing how to handle the situation. As the song was interrupted temporarily, the members of TWICE tried to joke and warm up the fans but the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing. All of this has accidentally denounced the JYP girl group as lip syncing and the girls have been criticized seriously.

“Signal”- TWICE

Black Pink

In May 2018, Black Pink performed at a university festival and also had a sound problem. Specifically, near the end of “BOOMBAYAH”, the music was suddenly crackled then turned off. The group took a few seconds to wait, but the incident was still unresolved, so the girls decided to perform without music. Black Pink’s professional handling the situation made fans extremely proud.

“BOOMBAYAH” – BlackPink


The girl group is highly regarded for their choreography and, in fact, GFRIEND also owns relatively high quality vocals. In the past, when the group was performing “Rain In The Spring Time”, the music was turned off suddenly. GFRIEND did not wait for the music to turn on again, and still confidently showed their sweet and inspirational voices. Even the fans were more excited than ever because of the opportunity to hear their idols’ voices clearly.

“Rain In The Spring Time” – GFRIEND


Obviously, mastering the stage when anyunexpected incident happens was never easy to idol groups. And Lovelyz almost“gave up” during a performance. The lead vocalist and the leader of the group -Baby Soul just stood still, full of confusion, while the other members couldonly smile and make cute gestures. After that, Lovelyz reorganized the startinglineup and waited until the music was ready before continuing theirperformance. This forced the audience to ask themselves: Are they lip-syncing?

Now, We – Lovelyz


JYP’s boygroup also has the opportunity to prove their skills in a “Just Right” performance when the music was off. After the incident, the members stood still for a few seconds, but because the fans continued to sing along to the song, so GOT7 did not hesitate to improvise with fans. Jackson even confidently showed off his beatboxing skills. The group not only proved their ability to sing live but also created a very interesting stage and interacted with fans.

“Just Right” – GOT7


EXO is a group that is usually present on Kpop’s list of groups that lip-sync the most often. Indeed, despites having good vocal members, EXO often revealed the evidence of lip syncing that makes the antifan more likely to criticize them. However, there are exceptions. In one show, at a time, the sound was off. EXO continued to sing and dance as usual. But because “Transformer” was a lively song, so without the background music, the song was no longer attractive, so the boys decided to stop performing and interacted with fans instead. This can be considered as a costly proof that EXO is also talented and brave rather than the idols that only “hide behind the discs.”

“Transformer” – EXO

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