When male idols are no longer the top trend in K-pop

Winter, Sullyoon, or Jang Won Young are female idols that are constantly mentioned on Korean media or forums and are highly appreciated for their beauty.

My Daily reported on May 13, Theqoo named 6 female idols who are now leading the trends in Kpop in the first half of 2022. These female idols continuously became hot topics on forums and articles related to them all attract a huge amount of views. Topping this list is Winter from the SM’s girl group aespa. During the promotion of Step Back with ‘GOT the beat’, Winter’s fancam reached 12 million views on YouTube and she is currently the female idol with the highest-viewed fancam in Kpop in 2022.

The audience pointed out that Winter is not only outstanding in her visuals or dancing ability. Her wonderful vocal is also one of the factors that help her become one of the members with the largest fanbase in aespa.

Following Winter in the second place is NMIXX Sullyoon. Right after her debut, the member of NMIXX has continuously become the focus of netizens’ attention thanks to her excellent appearance. Sullyoon is considered to have a doll-like appearance with big round eyes and a small face.


Netizens think that Sullyoon is the 4th generation Kpop female idol with the most outstanding appearance. Her name is mentioned in almost all articles about the most beautiful idols. In particular, Sullyoon has a good, powerful voice and attractive aura.

Jang Won Young has a height of 173cm at the age of 18. The singer was born in 2004, famous for participating in the survival program Produce 101 of Mnet. On the show, she won first place thanks to the audience’s vote and became the center of the project group IZ*ONE.

Jang Won-young

Jang Won Young has re-debuted as a member of IVE and is the most popular member of the group. She is currently one of the Kpop female idols receiving the most attention.

Recently, Red Velvet released the new MV “Feel My Rhythm”. However, the person who was mentioned the most during this era was not Irene but Joy. Her viral “blow confetti, let off more fireworks” part and her bright, radiant smile immediately caused a stir on social networks.

Many idols like Jeno (NCT), Yuna (ITZY) or members of the program Amazing Saturday performed this part and made it a new trend in Korea.

(G)I-DLE made a successful comeback despite the scandal of Soojin, who left the group due to the scandal. The group released the song Tomboy and, for the first time in their career, achieved a perfect all-kill. Tomboy is currently still loved by the public and ranked high on domestic charts.


During this promotion, Minnie caught the attention. She is considered as the member that best fits the concept of the song. The cool expression helps the girl from Thailand attract the attention and love of the audience.

Kazuha just debuted with the group LE SSERAFIM. The girl born in 2003 has a pure, elegant beauty and is compared to Suzy.


She has won many awards in Japan and Europe and was a member of the Royal Dutch Ballet before becoming a Kpop idol.

Source: Zing

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