When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

Many Chinese celebrities have expressed their admiration for well-known Kpop idols.


Kai Xukun is currently one of the most well-known Cbiz stars, with massive record sales in this market. However, not everyone knows that he is a fan of two of the most popular Kpop boy bands, BIGBANG and BTS.

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

When participating in “Idol Producer,” Kai Xukun wrote the names of BIGBANG and BTS in his favorite artist category as he admired their stage presence.

Now, Kai Xukun is also an Idol.

Angela Baby: G-Dragon

Angela Baby has long been known to be a hardcore fan with an undying love for G-Dragon. The female star even openly expressed her affection for the leader of BIGBANG many times.

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

In early 2015, G-Dragon made a surprise appearance as a guest in a concert of Keep Running (formerly Running Brothers), of which Angela Baby was an official member. Huang Xiaoming’s wife was extremely excited and delighted since she had the opportunity to meet her idol directly. Angela Baby’s shy yet delighted image when standing next to G-Dragon quickly went viral on social media.


Li Xian, who rose to fame after starring in the hit drama “Go Go Squid!,” has quickly established himself as one of China’s most famous actors, thanks to his attractive appearance and friendly character. In addition, Li Xian is also known as a hard fan of the 4 YG girls, BLACKPINK

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

Li Xian once tweeted the phrase “How you like that” on his personal Weibo account. This is also how the actor expressed his admiration for BLACKPINK.

Huang Zitao: IU

Huang Zitao is currently one of China’s most famous celebrities. Any of his activities get a lot of attention.

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

Huang Zitao had previously uploaded a photo of IU and then swiftly removed it. According to the former EXO member, he sent this girl a message but did not receive a reply. He also stated that if IU also liked him, he would marry her straight immediately.

Jackson Yee: G-Dragon

TFBOYS once had the opportunity to meet BIGBANG when both groups attended a music show of the Hunan station. Among the members, Yi Yangqianxi (Jackson Yee) was a big fan of the YG boy group, especially the leader G-Dragon.

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

The male singer detailed how he felt when he met G-Dragon directly: “His hands are especially soft, he is so nice, his voice is very gentle. At first, when we took a photo together, he stood in the middle. But then he walked over to me and stood next to me. I was really ecstatic at the time because I was so ecstatic.”

Xu Guang Han (Gres Hsu): IU

Greg Hsu is a Taiwanese actor and singer. He is best known for his roles in the dramas Love of Sandstorm (2016) and Someday Or One Day (2019). 

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans

During an interview to promote “Someday or One Day,” Xu Guang Han and his co-stars stated that they had recently attended IU’s concert. The actor did not hesitate to laud IU’s cuteness in addition to expressing his affection.

It is clear that IU has captured the hearts of many colleagues and has a big number of Chinese fanboys due to her attractiveness and charm.

When Chinese stars are also hard-core Kpop fans


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