When a music program suddenly becomes an EXO concert, the reason is …

EXO is really the “king of kpop” with the ability to turn a music program into a concert of their own!

On the 20th of October, EXO had a special stage performance at “Busan One Asia Festival 2018”. EXO had performed three songs “The Eve”, “Ko Ko Bop”, and “Power ” In particular, the concert suddenly became an EXO’s concert when the audiences turned into “silver ocean” with perfect fanchants. Netizens are jealous and surprised when “Busan One Asia Festival” is a music festival that looks like EXO’s concert:

“Actually, I thought it was EXO’s concert when I saw the “silver ocean” and loud fanchant from EXO-L.”

“Oh, the fanchant really is something. I listen to “Kokobop” all this year but it still gave me goosebumps.”

“EXO and EXO-L are together to make the music festival become their own concert.”

… and EXO-L together turned a music festival into their own concer
The concert was unexpectedly transformed into EXO’s concert with “silver ocean” and loud fanchant
The performances of “The Eve”, “Ko Ko Bop” and “Power” by EXO

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