What’s this thing on Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s waist?

Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s new fashion item – a jewelry belly-chain – is becoming a hot topic on SNS.

Recently, Jennie (BLACKPINK)’s new accessories has caught the public’s attention on her Instagram post. She was wearing a new unique fashion item – a ‘jewelry belly chain’.

In particular, Jennie, who has a really small waist, usually wears a sleeveless crop-top and various belly chains. This kind of outfit emphasizes her tiny waist and exudes a sexy look of Jennie.

This chain is a fashion item popular among Hollywood stars since the early 2000s. Besides Jennie, many stars such as Jang Won-young and Kylie Jenner from IZ*ONE are wearing these unique belly-chains to create their own style.

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