What’s the meaning of the hand sign both BTS and TWICE are using during the promotion this time?

Both BTS and TWICE are using this sign for their comeback this time.

Back with “Boy With Luv” and “FANCY”, BTS and TWICE – the 2 best boy group and girl group at this time of K-Pop – excites fans not just with their music, concept and high-class visual but also the same hand sign which have become a trend after being used by them. Many ARMYs and ONCEs have discovered this interesting similarity, but many netizens are still confused by the meaning of this hand sign.

The boys of BTS are the first reason why this sign is now a trend in South Korea. Many fans are trying to imitate this hand gesture and even create a challenge where the point finger and pinky finger must touch each other.

According to sign language, this is the sign for “I” + “L” + “Y” which is short for “I love you” in English. This is a very simple sign and has been used in many K-Pop choreographies but not many fans could notice and understand the meaning of it. Because both of the songs are about love, it’s not hard to understand why “Boy With Luv” and “FANCY” all have this hand sign as the point of the choreography.

The sign for “I Love You”

Source: kenh14

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