What’s special about Twice members’ unique style?

Each “piece” of Twice is a different style, bringing a variety of outfit suggestions for the girls.

Tzuyu – simple

Since her debut, Tzuyu has always been associated with a minimalist and very casual style. Whenever she goes to work or to the airport, the female idol does not dress sophisticatedly, but only prioritizes very basic shirts, jeans shorts or skirts. Thanks to her beautiful body and outstanding beauty, Taiwanese beauties do not need to be stylish to still be attractive.

Over time, Tzuyu’s style also becomes more and more luxurious, but the subtlety remains the same. Despite wearing the clothes of famous fashion houses, the female idol also prioritizes wearing limited accessories, the hairstyle is also very simple, exuding a classic spirit that is sustainable over time.

Nayeon – trendsetter

Liked as a fashionista of TWICE, Nayeon is also the member who collaborates most often with international fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton. She has a youthful and transformative style.

Every time she goes to the airport, the female idol always shows off the best ways to mix clothes, in line with the trends of young people. No outstanding height, Na Yeon scored with her childlike beauty and trendy aesthetic.

Mina – elegant

Mina is always like a classic lady no matter what situation she appears in. Her style of dress is clearly influenced by the feminine fashion of Japanese girls.

Momo – sporty

The combination of Korean chic style and Japanese anime beauty creates an interesting Momo in everyday moments. She especially likes to wear healthy sportswear in the retro spirit.

Recently, the beauty actively experimented with bolder sexy styles, but still in very cool ways of mixing.

Sana – feminine

Sana loves the one-piece dresses with colors, feminine and sweet motifs, combined with high heels and designer handbags, creating a very gentle look.

Dahyun – little princess

Dahyun captivated fans’ hearts with her adorable bunny-like appearance and playful outfits filled with vibrant colors.

Over time, Dahyun has an increasingly mature style, actively showing off her body than before.

Chae Young – rock star

Among the members, Chae Young is the one who likes to experiment with new trends the most. She likes to wear unique designs, whether it’s baggy or “the other side is missing”, the female idol is not afraid.

This wild, liberal style has been loyal to Chae Young for so long. With heavy makeup and bunker outfits, she looks like a rock star.

Jeong Yeon – personality

Not too disruptive like Chae Young, but Jeong Yeon‘s style is also very personal. She especially likes outfits with black tones from head to toe.

Fashionable blazers, shirts or suits help her express the image of a sharp, strong girl.

Jihyo – trendy

Jihyo’s style changes quite diversely, depending on the trend from year to year. Twice’s beauty is easy to learn, close to her personality.

Ji Hyo can transform into a feminine, sometimes dynamic.

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