What’s in the bag of JYJ Junsu, who has a luxury house worth 8 billion won?

Kim Junsu (JYJ), a singer, recently disclosed the items in his bag, which drew a lot of attention.

On August 6th, on the YouTube channel ‘THE STAR MAGAZINE’, a video of JYJ Kim Junsu‘s ‘Show me your bag’ was posted. On this day, Junsu Kim had time to unpack the belongings in his bag.

Junsu introduced his wallet first, saying, “I really don’t have anything left out, nothing I put in, and I’ll do it realistically. Actually, I don’t carry anything like that. Except for my schedule, I tend to go home right away.” Inside the male singer’s wallet are cards, business cards, OTP cards and 100,000 won in cash.

I usually don’t carry cash, and I don’t use it either. I almost never use cash.

Then he took out a blister of throat candy. The male idol didn’t even know it was in his bag.

When I don’t have a concert, I almost eat one or none of them. But when I have a concert, I eat it naturally.

He also reported the recent situation that his cell phone was broken and he got a new one and is using it well. Kim Junsu, who took out the wireless earphones, showed the broken phone, saying, “I didn’t actually take them (the earphones) in the past, but before my phone was broken away, its speaker didn’t work well.”

I thought I’d need them (earphones) when making calls or watching videos. And naturally, I didn’t use them and just put them in. Now I’m using my new phone well.

There were also house keys, lip balms, and aromatics. Kim Joon-soo said, “I rarely wear this, but when I was filming ‘Mr. Trot’ and ‘Miss Trot’, they gave me to take it with me because I will be filming for a long time”.

Kim Junsu also said that his burden was reduced by one-fifth compared to when he was a member of DBSK.

When I was still a member of DBSK, I almost carried something like a luggage bag. I created a state in which I could go immediately without stopping by my house if I suddenly got stuck and said, ‘I have to go on a trip’. Also, at that time, my schedule was very busy. I almost went home at dawn and stayed up all night, so I always brings my phone charger, underwears, and extra socks.

I kept my passport in order to create a state in which I could leave immediately when I suddenly wanted to go somewhere without stopping at home. But right now,  I usually goes home right after the schedule is over, so there’s nothing other than this.

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