What will iKON be like after B.I’s departure?

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

This is the first time that a YG Entertainment artist has appeared on a survival program organized by an outside agency.  Furthermore, iKON has a special situation that is different from the other contestants.  When iKON just got the super hit “Love Scenario” in January 2018, continuously occupying the number one position on the charts, in June 2019, the leader, B.I, was involved in a scandal of buying, selling, and using banned substances and had to leave the group immediately.

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

Since then, the group had to work with 6 members, including Jin Hwan, Yoon Hyung, Bobby, Dong Hyuk, Jun Hoe and Chan Woo.  They released a mini-album titled i DECIDE in February 2020 but not as successful as their previous productions.  Perhaps the decision to appear in Kingdom this time could be seen as a reversal of the current situation.

The most unfavorable factor at present is the absence of B.I.  Right before its debut, iKON was a group made up of 3 core members, B.I, Bobby and Kim Jin Hwan.  In the survival show MIX & MATCH, these three male idols were mentioned as sure to be on the debut list and the company just had to choose the remaining members.  YG Entertainment has made no secret of this.

In other words, the departure of B.I meant a pillar of the group was lost. In fact, B.I was not only the leader but also the key player – the main producer of iKON.  B.I is the “backbone” of iKON.

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

In fact, most of iKON’s songs were composed by B.I, and even many songs in i DECIDE were released after B.I left the group were B.I’s products.  It is no exaggeration to say that all of iKON’s musical identities are molded by B.I.  The lack of such a talented B.I meant that iKON had to both maintain its own color and try  to survive without the “alpha wolf”.

The appearance of iKON in Kingdom shows the determination to overcome the crisis and rebuild everything from the beginning of the 6 boys, to prove that even without B.I, iKON is strong. Kingdom is the stepping stone for the group to turn into a completely new iKON.

When B.I left the group, the “leader” of iKON was definitely Bobby.  If B.I is the backbone of iKON, Bobby is the face.

Officially debuted with iKON, but before that, Bobby was the winner of Show Me the Money 3 and was recognized by hip-hop fans as not only an idol singer but also a talented rapper.  In addition, the male rapper collaborated with Song Min Ho (Winner) to form a project group, MOBB, and was the only member of iKON to officially debut solo. .

In the early days of iKON’s debut, Bobby’s popularity helped iKON a lot.  However, iKON has entered its 7th year, if there is still only one member that attracts the attention of the public, then that vantage point becomes an issue that needs to be addressed.

Furthermore, after B.I left the group, the public’s attention for iKON is focusing more on Bobby. The title “Bobby and friends group” will come up when talking about iKON.

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

Kingdom is a great opportunity to solve the above problems and let the audience “discover” each member.  Each member will tell their own story and show off their special charm.  There is no better place than a reality show in the form of a contest like this.  Due to the nature of a competition, contestants have to do many tasks and also have to perform well on stage, so Kingdom is very likely to become a place where iKON members’ personality and charisma are known more widely.  What an extremely wise move of YG!

Of course, no matter how good an opportunity is, if they don’t know how to take advantage of it, it is in vain.  This is the reason why the other iKON members have to devote their energies not only on stage but also on off-stage stories.  If even when Kingdom ends and the public’s attention is still focused on Bobby, that will only be a half of success, even though iKON recieves the best achievement in the competition.

Until now, YG artists rarely appeared in television competitions, except for specialized competitions like Show Me The Money.  This is the first time  a YG artist has participated in a survival show that is not organized by this company.

That is why the news that iKON will join Kingdom has attracted a lot of attention, and Mnet also uses the image of iKON to promote Kingdom.  However, some comments criticized YG’s late participation in survival shows, claiming that when YG is successful, they look down on those programs, but when the situation is not good, YG takes advantage of them to gain reputation.

Of course, these negative comments will soon disappear when YG shows itself on the show with a sincere attitude.

The fact that iKON will appear on the reality show Kingdom is an interesting decision

In another hand, YG just announced the poster “Coming Soon” and officially announced iKON’s comeback after a year.  Bobby recently dominated the international charts with his 2nd album – Lucky Man.  After that, the male idol temporarily stopped the remaining solo activities to focus on preparing for this comeback and the group’s appearance on Kingdom.  Will iKON be able to return to its peak after so many difficulties?  Let’s wait and see.

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