What do Korean men say about BTS “insists” on enlisting?

Korean netizens, including grown men would all feel bad when a boy band like BTS enlist in the army.

Military service of BTS is currently a controversial topic of K-netizens, even though their eldest member has not even planned on enlisting.

Theoretically speaking, all 7 members of the group will have to serve in the military around 18 – 22 months like anyone else. According to Korean Regulations, all Korean men who has Korean nationality have to do military service for the span above with no exertion of class. Korea’s Department of Defense is tightening military service on citizens and will punish harshly those who try to avoid it.

However, individuals and collectives with great achievements, elevating the national position will be considered exempt from obligation to focus on contributing to the country. As for BTS, the group has won numerous awards and record awards for KPOP. Not only that, the “Bulletproof” boy group also brought Korea thousands of KRW trillions, attracting tourists and promoting the consumption of domestic and foreign goods. This is also the reason why people don’t want BTS to be absent even for only one month.

Despite being proposed by many politicians to exempt from military service, Big Hit Entertainment still keep their original decision. It was that all 7 BTS members will be on their way to serve the country as a normal citizen, starting with Jin and Jungkook being the last. Recently, eldest brother Jin also reaffirmed this on the “Sunday Morning” talk show. This is considered a smart decision of the company, helping their artist avoid unnecessary criticisms.

BTS – Korean pride at Grammy 2019

However, there are still many people who are dissatisfied because BTS will not able to enjoy the benefits worthy of their hard work. Especially not long ago when player Son Heung Min was exempted from military service after bringing South Korea the title “Champion of Asiad 18”. According to K-net, BTS’s work is not inferior to the Tottenham striker . Even Korean men feel that Big Hit’s boy group deserves to receive this offer.


“At times like this, I feel sorry that they are men. I wish I could take their place for them. Accept that it’s fate and wait. I support you guys!”

“I am a man in his 30s and I hope BTS will be exempt from military service. I can feel it with my whole life that they have raised the status of this country.”

“Men will support both hands if people like Son Heung Min or BTS are exempt from military service.”

“BTS has done more than Oh Ji Hwan, they deserve to be exempted from obligations.”

“Ha … A man like Oh Jin Hwan is allowed to not join the army while BTS brings back a mountain of foreign currency and must enlist.”

“Ironically, their fandom is called “Army”.”

Most online communities claim that the country will suffer a big loss if BTS is enlisted. Because the whole team will take a very long time to return to the full lineup because the members’ membership time is different.

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