What is the truth behind many of Black Pink’s concert tickets are being resold?

Is the news about Black Pink’s upcoming concert having about 200 seats left true or not?

In less than two days, the first solo concert of Black Pink “2018 Black Pink Tour In Your Area of Seoul x BC Card” will officially take place at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Tickets for the concert were officially opened on September 18 and were sold out shortly thereafter in less than 3 minutes.

However, in recent days, some netizens have found out that two nights of the YG girlgroup’s concert actually have over 250 tickets left, not actually being sold-out. Since then, anti-fans have begun to attack Black Pink, saying that the group’s concert is not even popular in Korea.

But is this news about Black Pink concert tickets accurate or not? According to the group’s fan community, these tickets were actually tickets for the upstairs area, and this area was also marked black on YG’s seating chart. Therefore, the area with beautiful, clear view will be sold out better than the seats with hidden view. However, these tickets are also being sold gradually through each day, from nearly 250 tickets on November 5 to November 8, the tickets of these areas are only about 150 to 160 tickets now.

Figures on November 8th showed that Black Pink’s concert on 10/11 had 160 seats left and 11/11 with 153 seats left.
The black section on the diagram is the area where the hidden stage is marked.

Some online rumors circulated that the remaining concert tickets was due to too few songs of the group. This is not wrong, but the concert has not yet started, how can netizens guess what the group will bring in these two nights? At most concerts, idol groups have special stages dedicated to the fans. As in Black Pink’s Japan concert tour, the group prepared four solo performances of each member. Besides, the Korean concert also even confirmed the arrival of “R & B King” Zion.T, so fans can look forward to the first concert.

Zion.T has confirmed that he will appear in the concert.

As for the Black Pink concert tickets being sold by fans to the black market, this is a very common problem for those who hunt for concert tickets. Even the black market now buys tickets directly on the web that sells, and they do not need to buy tickets from fans. In addition, netizen said that some Black Pink fans are competing to resell the tickets on Twitter does not proving that fans are abandoning the group. Maybe it’s because they had found a better seat in the area, who knows?

Finally, Black Pink concert will be held at Olympic Gymnastics Arena – which has a capacity of up to 15,000 seats. If you take about 300 seats empty now compared to 15,000 people for both nights, 300 is not a big deal. Black Pink’s concert will be a success or not, people will have to wait for the 2 days 10 and 11/11 to see, and rumours from anti- fans will probably not be able to affect the influence of the group in Korean public.

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