What if TWICE, Red Velvet, MOMOLAND’s hits are performed by cartoon characters?

More and more K-POP MVs are remade with lovely cartoon version by YouTubers.

Nowadays, entertainment companies often invest a lot in building an image and concept for the MVs of their artists. Therefore, views of these MVs are getting higher and higher than the second generation idols’. If you have seen the music videos released by idols, try watching their animated version too.

Many talented YouTubers have used technology to make an animated version of Kpop idols’ MVs. Specifically, the animated version is made based on the content of the music video, 60% same as the original version but with lovely cartoon characters. There are even versions of Disney princes and princesses. These animated version MVs are increasingly popular, especially popular music groups’. Right after an MV is officially released, their animated version will be released and be loved by fans.

“Peek A-Boo”
Disney princes dance “Yes Or Yes”
Cinderella, Snow White, etc. perform “What Is Love”
“Bboom Bboom” MV in anime style
“Heart Shaker”

Source: Tinnhac

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