What fans dislike about BIG 3

BIG 3 (SM – YG – JYP) has always been known as the top 3 entertainment companies in Korea. Making a debut under one of these 3 companies is many idols’ dream. However, these “bosses” have a few things that tend to frustrate fans.


Unfair contract

SM is infamous for its long-term and strict terms and conditions in artists’ contracts. The contract validity period may last up to 10 years – almost the entire active time of an artist in his or her youth.
Moreover, SM artists must follow all arrangement’s made by the company, from promotions to dating relationships, SM makes the decision. Many artists miss a chance to show off their talent in solo projects solely because SM doesn’t agree to let them do so, the case of Kris (ex-member of EXO) is a typical example. Even when idols are sick, SM forces them to stick to their schedules. Many people call the agreement between SM and its artists a “slave contract” due to its unfairness, the unclearness in profit sharing and the terms against human rights.

After being taken to the court many times by its own artists, SM has changed. However,the difference is not so obvious, the company has mostly improved the contract by decreasing the contract validity period. The exploitation of SM exhausts its idols, making them feel offended, similar to how JYJ and Kris felt.

When filing the lawsuit against SM, Kris also claimed that he was exploited by the company. He took actions for 3 main reasons: SM excessively controlled his personal life as well as his private activities; SM arranged the schedules by itself without any discussion, the company didn’t care about its artists’ health; and finally, the profit distribution was unclear.

The discrimination among SM groups’ members

SM groups have a great amount of members. Super Junior, SNSD, and EXO have 10 members on average. Having too many singers in the same group leads to unfair treatment, some members are biased and some are even considered “unwanted children”.

Sm entertainment
It’s also difficult for SM to fairly arrange the artists’ solo projects and personal schedules. Members standing out the most or having the greatest number of fans will have more work and receive greater payments. That’s why jealousy and bad relationships occur within a group. On top of that, in such a big team, members have to struggle to get along with one another because each of them has his/ her own pride and career orientation.


False promises

The fact that YG “makes a promise then breaks it” happens all the time. “Yang appa” always enrages fans because he never really lets his artists make a comeback on the confirmed date. As for Big Bang, after many delays and promises from 2014, it was not until May 2015 that the 5 boys officially made a comeback with the album “MADE”.

2ne1, disband, minzy, CL, Dara, Park bom
Even with 2NE1, after the youngest member, Minzy, left the group, “Yang appa” firmly stated that 2NE1 would have a comeback as a 3-member group, but in the end, 2NE1 disbanded before any comeback was even made. This empty promise offended many Blackjack.

WINNER has also been in the same situation. This talented group has suffered from the “Mars calendar” of “Yang appa”. Until now, only the single “E” has been released, and no one knows when the other parts – “X.I.T” will be published.

Yg, Yang hyun suk

YG fans know these false promises too well.

For BlackPink, after tons of promises, YG finally releases a “4-song” album


JYP may be the company with the least troubles. Park Jin Young – the founder of JYP – has always been known as a beloved “father” towards his artists and their music. However, since he pays too much attention to composing and producing, “Park appa” may forget that the promotion, PR and media strategies are also crucial factors to bringing the artists’ music closer to the public.

What fans dislike about BIG 3
For that reason, JYP artists own one common point: they are incredibly popular right in their debut period, but gradually, their careers go downhill and their popularity is not as huge as it used to be.
Wonder Girls was a typical example. At the beginning of the group’s debut, Wonder Girls “shook” the whole continent of Asia with many hit songs such as: “Tell Me“, “Nobody“, “So Hot“,… However, after the failure in US, in the group’s comeback in Korea, they were not loved as much by the public as before.

What fans dislike about BIG 3
2PM – the “beastly idols” – used to “strike” Kpop hard, nonetheless, the members of 2PM have slowly “disappeared” in the crowded showbiz. The members even admitted that they looked like a foreign group promoting in Korea, as JYP made them too active overseas.

Miss A also used to be a really famous group with the hit debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl”, but up until now, nobody knows where the members of Miss A, except for Suzy, are and how they’re doing.

What fans dislike about BIG 3

At present, GOT7 is likely to be in danger as the group’s recent music products were not as successful as expected

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