What do people want to hear from Kim Seon-ho?

The issue that has recently drawn much attention is definitely the ‘private life’ scandal of actor Kim Seon-ho. Beginning with Kim Seon-ho‘s ex-girlfriend’s disclosure, things are getting out of control since Kim Seonho and his ex’s identities were revealed.

Kim Seon-ho already apologized, and his ex-girlfriend also forgave him. However, this controversy has negatively affected his image and career as he had to drop out of all shows and advertisements. To this point, the case is no different from that of other celebrities who suffered from scandals.

However, the afterward pattern has developed in such an unusual way. Suddenly a netizen claiming to be Kim Seon-ho‘s acquaintance appeared and wanted to expose the actor’s company. Then a media article revealed Kim Seon-ho‘s ex-girlfriend identity and the couple’s old text messages provided by their acquaintances. Therefore, people are asking Kim Seon-ho to explain the “seaweed soup” details mentioned in that article, which is said to have a link to Kim Seon-ho’s remark on “2 Days 1 Night” in the past.

Where are these acquaintances actually coming out from? Numerous anonymous accounts proved themselves as Kim Seon-ho‘s college alumni by graduation photos and wrote posts to either criticize or praise the actor’s personality. Therefore, rumors surrounding Kim Seon-ho are being spread even more on the Internet. This current situation makes no sense at all.

The media’s report that disclosed Kim Seon-ho’s private conversations with his ex-girlfriend and acquaintances seems to have crossed the line since it eventually resulted in unnecessary issues, such as calls for Kim Seon-ho‘s position. Their privacy has been seriously invaded, so there is no reason for Kim Seon-ho to respond to such things.

Whether Kim Seon-ho forced his ex to get an abortion or not, this is actually not something that people who are not involved in their relationship should argue about. In fact, the ongoing issue related to privacy is actually the result of the battle between people who trust in him and those who don’t like him. In this regard, does he have to explain anything or convince the public about his privacy?

That ‘seaweed soup’ case alone is a problem. Whether he cooked it for his ex-girlfriend, according to what he said on a show, or for his mother’s birthday, does he really have to address this fact? Even if it is to “verify” whether his remark in that show was false, this is such an unreasonable demand. What if he cooked the ‘seaweed soup’ for both his ex and his mother?

The case of his ex’s real personality is the same. Should Kim Seon-ho confess that his ex-girlfriend made him suffer hard times because of her obsession with luxury goods? Should he even explain whether it is true that their breakup was due to her lies about meeting other men? In this situation, it is understandable and reasonable for not responding to anything.

Although Kim Seon-ho’s acquaintances said they wanted to do something for him, the public is getting tired of hearing good stories over and over again. Moreover, even if he wants to prevent revelations, there seems to be no way for him to stop this since things have already gone too far.

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