What do BLACKPINK fans expect in the upcoming comeback?

Korean media reported that BLACKPINK will return in June, fans have been speculating about this special comeback.

Recently BLACKPINK fans have been extremely excited about a new music release called Sour Candy. This is a collab track with Lady Gaga and has strengthened BLACKPINK’s name in the international music market.

Following the effect of this song, BLACKPINK will officially return with a new music video in June, fans are very excited for an impressive comeback era. Before the group’s comeback, many fans also have set the expectations for their idol’s upcoming music release.

Fans expect BLACKPINK to have new concept and record 

After the song Sour Candy came out, it seems that more pressure has been put on BLACKPINK’s upcoming releases.  The song must at least rank 1st on iTunes in 63 countries in 24 hours to not be left behind compared to the achievement that Sour Candy has gained.

Although YouTube has changed the algorithm, at least BLACKPINK’s music video needs to reach over 40 million in 24 hours, because Sour Candy is just an audio version that could still reach 21.8 million views within 24 hours.

In order to achieve all of these results, BLACKPINK has to release an amazing MV.  This should be the MV that YG seriously invested in.

 First, fans want a terrific music video filmed outdoor, or if filmed in the studio, it must be set up in a sophisticated way and especially well prepared after more than 1 year 2 months of absence.

Besides, everyone knows that YG always wanted their artists to follow a cool and strong style, since 2NE1, and now BLACKPINK is no exception.  However, BLACKPINK has more advantages in terms of visuals and is able to experience more diverse concepts.  Therefore, fans expect that through the concept, styling ,YG will emphasize the aura of these 4 girls.

Fans also want to see a “hot” MV, the girls will be more attractive and sexy. The MV can give off Western vibes but still embraces the beautiful image of Kpop, creating freshness and also makes many people want to look for BLACKPINK more.

Fans’ expectations toward the members this comeback 

To make an impressive MV, not only images but melodies are also important.  The pressure to produce a hit that can surpass Kill This Love also weighed heavily on the shoulders of music producers and how well BLACKPINK can perform it.

With the upcoming song, fans hope that Jennie will have a complete rap line as the main rapper of this group, which is truly her strength and makes the song more appealing. Letting Jennie sing too much in BLACKPINK’s songs will not create the highlight of the song.

For Lisa, fans want her to have a dance break. If there is a part of choreography for about 15 seconds in the MV, fans will probably not be able to take their eyes off Lisa’s attractive dance performance, this also should be the attraction for the next MV.

 After the song Sour Candy, everyone praises Jisoo’s singing, if only the song were a little longer for her to sing more. That’s why the audiences want to see Jisoo sing more while showcasing her top visual as the spotlight in the new MV.

Finally, Rosé is the member who is most anticipated this time. Everyone wants Rosé to be explosive and will be given an “iconic” or viral part to pave the way for her solo debut in the future.

The controversy between BLACKPINK fans and fans of the junior group in the company lately about who gets to solo debut first has given people headaches. Hopefully after this comeback, BLACKPINK will achieve much success so that Rosé can have a solo debut as perfect as possible.

It seems that this time, fans put a lot of hope on BLACKPINK for their comeback day, in order to have an outstanding achievement, they have to bring the most satisfactory product, that is the rule. Let’s wait for BLACKPINK’s comeback in the near future.

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