What “candies” are waiting for A.R.M.Y every Festa?

If you are a new A.R.M.Y, do not ignore this article because you are going to know more about your fandom’s best “holiday” of the year!

Maybe you don’t know that Festa is BTS’s “holiday” with many kinds of plans scheduled to memorize BTS’s debut day. It usually starts in the first days of June and finishes after June 13rd. In about ten days, you will receive “candies” from your 7 boys and their company. You might be given “toxic candies”. So, what kinds of candies are given in this time?

Shocking family pictures

We call them “family pictures”, but they are not the pictures from each member’s family. Those pictures belong to your 7 boys! They can make you feel emotional, but can also make you laugh out loud because they are “unacceptably” funny. Clear the memory in your phone, you will want to download every picture you see.

A “cool picture” for a “cool family” – Family picture 2014 2017, and we are still too cool

One of a kind profiles

Every year, BTS members sit together and write “high quality” profile for the others. Profile is something they can create to tell how cool or weird other members are. They also have the chance to show their drawing talent. Profiles can also let fans know small things in their boys’ personalities that camera couldn’t tell.

A part of FESTA profiles this year: Jimin wrote for Jin: Jin is the member with 80% alpaca camel and 20% water.

Sweet melodies:

This is too important to be missed in every FESTA and this is also the part that most of fans love the most. In 2015, we observe V’s warm voice complemented with J-hope’s rape in the song “Hug Me”. In 2017, Jungkook and Jimin pleased their fans with “We don’t talk anymore”. Fans also observed Suga, Jin and Jungkook gave fans “So far away”, RM and V gave fans “4 O’clock”. This year, fans had the chance to enjoy “Autumn outside the post office” from Jin. Many fans said they love cover versions from BTS more than the official ones.

“4 O’clock” is a song can bring peace to your soul

4. Secret training stage for dancing

Dancing skills is one of the factors that make BTS’s performances become perfect and their special dance training videos are only upload in FESTA time. No matter how many times you have been watching them, you will still surprise for their investment and hard work in every stage.

5. BTS Kkul FM 06.13

This is BTS and DJ Suga’s own radio. At the beginning, the boys talk to the others about their previous year and the plans for the next year. You will not stop hearing them laugh because of the complaining letters from other members and many hilarious jokes when they sit together. BTS Kkul FM is also the birth place for this “masterpiece”.


HOME PARTY is the most important event, but it is also FESTA’s last event. BTS will have a small party with their fans to celebrate their debut day. HOME PARTY is the event that every fan wants to join but there are not many tickets and they are always sold out. Many fans can only come back home and watch it through V Live.

One of the performances from HOME PARTY 2017
Now you know the reason why so many fans want to join this party.

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