What are the goals BLACKPINK’s fans set for Rosé’s solo debut?

Fans set goals for Rosé’s solo debut, and also promoted her first single album through a spectacular clip

In just a few days, Rosé will officially debut solo with the single album -R-.  YG has released the poster and teaser of MV On The Ground, but fans are not really satisfied with the way the company promotes.  Official posters and teaser  were all criticized by fans

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo

As a result, fans decided to make their own promotional clip for Rosé.  Although using old photos, this person uses great effects, creating a more eye-catching and attractive movie than YG’s teaser.  Moreover, they cleverly integrate the target in the first 24 hours into the clip.

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo

In addition to the brief goals set out in the fanmade videos, BLACKPINK fans also spread “KPI” for the title song On The Ground during the first day and first week of airing.  Thereby, they help the rest of the BLINKs understand what to do to help Rosé achieve high results

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo


– Premiere: 300 thousand views.

 – First 24 hours: 30 million views and 3 million likes.

 – First week: 85 million views and 5 million likes.

Since Rosé’s solo debut, it is difficult to set high goals like BLACKPINK’s comeback.  However, the fan milestone set for MV On The Ground is still very impressive.  Currently, the record for the most viewed MV by Kpop female solo artist in the first 24 hours belongs to SOLO released by Jennie in 2018 (16.1 million views).  Rosé can completely surpass Jennie, set a new record if she reaches 30 million views and 3 million likes within the first 24 hours as suggested by fans.

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo

However, the above number is not enough if she wants to break the view record of Kpop solo artists in the first 24 hours.  PSY still holds this achievement with MV Gentleman (36 million views after 24 hours).


 – The title track enters the Hot 100 chart.

 – Top 10 of Billboard Global 200.

 – Top 5 Billboard Global Excl.  The US.

For fans of Rosé, if she can enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart, it will be a good thing, so they did not set a specific target for the ranking.  However, they hope the female idol can conquer two global charts that Billboard recently opened, Global 200 (top 10) and Global Excl.  US – data calculation for countries outside the US (top 5).

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo


 – 24 hours: 3.5 million streams (unfiltered) and 2 million streams (filtered).

 – First week: 10 million streams (unfiltered) and 8 million streams (filtered).

Spotify is the platform that BLACKPINK fans focus on, so they expect Rosé’s solo song to do well here.  “KPI” for Rosé is only half of what fans expected when BLACKPINK made a comeback with the song Lovesick Girls (7 million unfiltered streams and 6 million when filtered).  However, this is a large number for artists making their solo debut.

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo


 – 24 hours: Title track reaches #1 in 50 countries.

 – First week: Title track reaches # 1 in 55 countries.

When BLACKPINK released Lovesick Girls, this song only reached # 1 in iTunes in 25 countries and regions, not meeting the target set by the fandom.  So fans hope the song On The Ground can reach number one on iTunes in 50 countries, but this number is not enough for the “Australian rose” to break IU’s record.

Fanmade video PR Rosé solo

eight – the song IU collaborated with SUGA (BTS) topped iTunes in 61 countries and regions when it aired.  IU is currently the Korean female solo singer with the most # 1 on iTunes.


 – 24 hours: 25 thousand turns

 – First week: 80 thousand turns.

Shazam is an application that identifies music, movies, commercials, and TV shows, based on a short sample.  BLACKPINK used to have 51.9 thousand plays on Shazam when making a comeback with Lovesick Girls, but fans only hope Rosé reaches half of this number in the first 24 hours of her solo debut.

Apple Music

 – 24 hours:

 + Top 50 Global chart

 + Top 150 US chart

 + Top 150 UK chart

 – First week:

 + Top 100 Global chart.

 + Top 250 US chart

 + Top 250 UK chart

BLINK used to expect BLACKPINK to top the Top 100 Global of Apple Music, but since this is Rosé’s solo album, it is good if she can enter the top 50 of this chart.  In addition, they also expect the female idol to appear in the US and UK charts, not dropping too much after the first  week

Sources: kenh14

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