“We worked hard on contraception, but I had a baby”… YouTube video uploaded by a pregnant 17-year-old high school girl born in 2005

A YouTube video of a teenage woman who introduced herself as a 17-year-old pregnant woman became a talking point.

Couple YouTuber ‘Hyunjwi patjwi’ is a teenage couple. The husband Yoon Jae-sik is 19 and the wife Shim Hyun-ji is 17.

The reason the two became a couple early is because her wife, Shim Hyun-ji, is pregnant. Shim Hyun-ji is currently in her 18th week of pregnancy.

‘Hyunjwi patjwi’ reported their recent status through a recent Q&A video. Husband Yoon Jae-sik read the question, and wife Shim Hyun-ji  answered the question.

When asked about how she felt when she heard the news of her first pregnancy, she said, “We worked hard on contraception, but embarrassingly I got pregnant. I was scared, but Bombit (the name of the baby) is more important so I decided to give birth to it. It hurt me to think about removing the baby,” she replied.

She said both parents were very disappointed. Her father-in-law said, “Don’t you think you’ll regret it if you devote your youth? Think carefully and decide. I will obey your will,” she said.

When asked about her studies, she said, “My baby’s father is going to school but he will graduate soon, and I’ll go to school only when I’m less tired.”

When asked about her financial situation, she said that the money mostly came from her husband’s hard work and her father-in-law also helped.

Her husband, Yoon Jae-sik, said, “After graduation, I plan to earn money in a stable job.” and “It’s hard to work in a (official) job now because I’m still a minor.”