WayV Lucas’s image suddenly appeared again on GUCCI’s homepage

This is the first time Lucas’s image has reappeared since his scandal broke out

Recently, netizens suddenly shared pictures of NCT/WayV Lucas appearing on the GUCCI campaign website. Accordingly, Lucas’s image has reappeared on the GUCCI’s homepages in many countries and territories, except China.

It is known that this is the campaign the male idol participated in before the scandal broke out. However, due to Lucas’ scandal, these images were hidden. 

WayV Lucas's image suddenly appeared again on GUCCI's homepage

Earlier, in August 2021, the controversy over the personal relationships of NCT/WayV’s Lucas broke out as a shock to both the Korean and Chinese entertainment industries. Accordingly, the 1999-born male idol was accused of being involved in romantic relationships with many fans in both Korea and China, along with bad behaviors such as: cheating, taking advantage of, gaslighting his girlfriends, badmouthing TV shows and members of the same group, etc.

Up to now, SM has not confirmed whether Lucas is still an NCT member or not when he was recently not included in NCT’s new merchandise.

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