Watch Park Bogum cover danced TWICE’s hits even better than TWICE themselves!

Many TWICE fans, after watching the cover of Park Bogeum, said: “I am a girl but I can’t dance like him!”

Park Bogum is a famous actor in South Korea with many impressive roles like in “Hello Monster”, “Reply 1988”, “Encounter”,…With extraordinary acting skill along with his handsome face, the born-in-1993 actor has become the idol of many.

Taking advantage of this, Bogum has arranged many fanmeeting at many Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong. The most recent one in Seoul of South Korea on Jan 26th, he had a fanmeeting and even tried out a dance cover performance for fans.

What’s worth noticing is during his cover of “What is Love?” (TWICE), Park Bogum was confident showing his smooth moves which was even better than the original which shocked fans. TWICE fans even had to say: “Even a girl cannot dance like Bogum”.

The cover performance of Bogum was so good,…

The cover performance of Bogum was so good,…
That some said it was better than the original

– “He is indeed a TWICE fan, but what should I say about the choreography?”.

– “I was stunned by his moves”.

– “This perfect cover deserves a 10 out of 10”.

– “Isn’t Bogum being too good? Why is he even better than the original?”.

– “I’m a girl but I think I can’t dance like Bogum”.
Cover “What is Love?” (TWICE) – Park Bogum [“Fanmeeting in Seoul” 26/1]

Some other photos of Bogum at the recent fanmeeting in Seoul:

Sources: k14

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