Wassup Jiae expressed her feelings after coming out as a bisexual

Jiae, a former member of the group Wassup, expressed her feelings about the attention that has been poured out since she came out as a bisexual. 

Previously, in January 2020, Jiae posted on her SNS, “I love men and women. Can you understand?” and “I have a lovely girlfriend. So happy. 


Afterwards, she said, “It was hard, eventful for LGBT”; “Let’s not hide our feelings. Let’s love.
If that’s what you need to go to hell, I’ll go.”


As this fact became a topic of discussion too late, Jiae posted her thoughts on Instagram on the 19th. She said, “So why all of a sudden? I’m scared now”. “It’s just a personal relationship issue, but whether it’s a man or a woman, it’s questionable that a lot of articles are released as if it were a big deal.”


She continued, “Well, it’s the country I live in so it’s understandable, but I’m also embarrassed. Thank you for giving me more attention than when I debuted. I want to continue working hard and just like now, making music and singing in a world without prejudice. I want to make music in an unprejudiced agency, too. Please DM me if you’d be interested.

What a day of mixed feelings. It was entertaining but I was a little angry too. I’ll go live my life. And thank you again for supporting me”.

Jiae and her girl friend

Jiae debuted in 2013 as the main vocalist of the girl group Wassup. After disbanding in 2019, she has been working on music through YouTube as a solo artist.

Source: Nate

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