WANNA ONE’s sales are calculated to be 80 billion won, 1 billion won on average for members.

It is predicted that WANNA ONE, a project group that is going to be active until the end of this year, will make more than 80 billion won in sales. There is even room to go up to 90 billion won.

According to the calculation, each of the 11 members receives an average of 1 billion won. However, there is a deviation per member. This is based on the assumption that the concert will be held at the end of January after their contract is completed.

Net profit in sales is about 44 billion won. Among them, CJ ENM and Swing Entertainment, which are in charge of WANNA ONE’s management, will receive 25% each. The remaining 50% belongs to the agency.

Each member will receive their share according to the contract with their original agency. Most of the members are known to have signed a 5-5 or 6-4 contract. If a member signed a 5-5 contract, he or she will receive 1 billion won.

Of course, there are some members who receive much more than 1 billion won. Kang Daniels, one of the most popular stars, has been active in individual activities such as individual commercials, and some of its sales will go to Kang Daniel’s share. According to the advertisement industry, Daniel is now the highest priced star in the nation’s advertising industry. He is the best among the members of WANNA ONE. In the advertising industry, Daniel is estimated to be worth about 300 million won for a three-month short-term contract and 1 billion won for a one-year contract.

Kim Jae-hwan, the only member who started his career without an agency, is likely to receive at least twice as much as the other members. Even if he signed a contract with an agency in the middle of the contract, Kim Jae-hwan is still responsible for all of his activities so nothing will have to be shared with the agencies, Kim Jae-hwan is expected to receive 2.2 billion won in settlement money just for his WANNA ONE activities.

While WANNA ONE will end its activities on December 31, its agencies and members will receive the money of music, albums and MD income for one year after the disbandment. It is predicted that its total sales will reach 90 billion won.

Meanwhile, they will continue their official activities until January next year after the official disbandment. The date and venue of the concert will be announced later.

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