Wanna One’s last concert ticket pre-sale opens, an illegal ticket is up to 14 million won

The last concert before the end of Wanna One’s activities was a hot ticket war since the pre-orders. Tickets for the 80,000 seats sold out in no time and the illegal ticket’s prices are already skyrocketing.

Tickets for the “2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore”, which was sold on the Interpark Ticket at 8:00 p.m. the 26th, were sold out immediately after the ticketing page was opened. Although only the members of the official fan club were able to buy tickets, reservation site names as well as ‘Wanna One Concert’ topped the list of real-time search words and recorded the largest number of connections ever, demonstrating the popularity of Wanna One.

Wanna One

Given that this will be the last place to see Wanna One, a fierce battle has already been predicted. After the ticket pre-sale, illegal tickets start to appear on ticket resale websites with price 100 times the original one.

The most expensive tickets for the Wanna One concert cost 120,000 won. However, as of 2 p.m. on the 27th, tickets for the Wanna One concert start at least 200,000 won. Especially for the best seats, the ticket cost as much as 14 million won. Most of the tickets are also priced at several million won.

This illegal tickets situation has been in full swing. Wannable (Wanna One’s fanclub) is extremely worried.

The fans express their anger at the ticket holders and demanding action from the agency.

“The illegal ticket sellers took up to the last spot. Please let us desperate fans go.”
“How more money do you want to make from those illegal tickets. There is a lot of competition among fans already, and now there are those illegal sellers.”
“I get really angry at every concert. They are trying to make money out of fans’ desperation”
“It’s too much. I hope you get all of them off the table with a cancellation ticket”.

In the meantime, a general reservation for the “2019 Wanna One Concert Therefore” will be held on Interpark on the 27th at 8 p.m.

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