Wanna One’s future is confirmed?

The fate of Wanna One has been officially decided by each member’s companies.

Debuting from the survival reality show called “Produce 101 season 2”, Wanna One has become a big name in the Korean music industry with the nickname “rookie monsters”.

They won every music charts and became one of the most influential rookies in Korea. Wanna One also appeared on all fronts, ranging from advertisements to fashion. Despite being so well-known, Wanna One will have to face the reality of upcoming disbandment.

Recently, when the deadline is about to come, many moves by their management companies can be witnessed to prepare for each member’s future activities.

HOTSHOT welcomes Ha Sung Woon and prepares to come back

According to HOTSHOT‘s management company, Star Crew ENT has officially announced the return of 5 HOTSHOT members on November 8. Two out of five members have come back from short-term debut projects such as Noh Taehyun (back from the JBJ project) and Hojung (back from the UNB project). Currently only member Ha Sung Woon is active in the project of Wanna One and is expected to end on December, 31 in 2018.

The return of HOTSHOT is also the preparation for member Ha Sung Woon after Wanna One terminates the contract.

Brand New ENT revealed plans to make a comeback for Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin in 2019

Brand New ENT’s CEO Rhymer also revealed the upcoming plans for the two boys Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin when the contract with Wanna One officially ends. The CEO also gave the other two members Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun their first debut as MXM while waiting for the other two members Lee Dae Hwi and Park Woo Jin to return. Rhymer also insisted that he worked hard to prepare for the full four-member comeback in 2019.

It is certain that after the contract with Wanna One, members Park Woo Jin and Lee Dae Hwi will be returning to Brand New ENT.

NU’EST W announces the return of their last album with 4 members

By the time Wanna One ends the contract, NU’EST W has also announced that the group will be releasing their last 4-member album in November to wait for the return of member Hwang Min Hyun. after the contract termination with Wanna One on December 31, in 2018.

This is also said to be an official announcement by NU’EST W as well as the management company Pledis ENT about the return of member Hwang Min Hyun . Therefore, the name NU’EST will soon return to the 5-member team without the word “W (Waiting)”.

Maroo ENT officially posted the profile of Park Ji Hoon

As one of the hottest members in Wanna One, the “Wink Boy” Park Ji Hoon has also attracted a large fan base worldwide due to his cute personality. Recently, Maroo had posted profile of Park Ji Hoon on the official website as well as implicitly insisted that Park Ji Hoon is the artist of Maroo ENT after rumors that he moved to another company.

After ending the contract with Wanna One, Park Ji Hoon‘s future will include two possibilities, one of which is debuting as a solo artist. The other two is to join a group with other members who had participated in survival programs such as Jo Youngho, Shin Minchan and Son Junhyung (who participated in YG Entertainment’s MIXNINE), or Kwon Hyeop (trainee with Park Ji Hoon participated in Produce 101)

Fantagio ENT also officially confirmed Ong Seong Woo as their artist

Just like Maroo, Ong Seong Woo‘s agency has officially announced the photos and profiles of Ong Seong Woo on the official website of the company. Not only that, he also officially joined the introduction MV of Fantagio.

However, many fans are worried about the future of Ong Seong Woo when he returned to Fantagio. If he doesn’t become a singer, Ong Seong Woo will probably become an actor in the future, but many people think that Seong Woo is likely to be added to ASTRO and become the 7th member of the group.

Cube ENT officially revealed about the group that Lai Guan Lin will join after ending the contract withWanna One

If you are a fan of Lai Guan Lin in Wanna One then you may be interested in this information. Recently, Cube Entertainment has revealed some information about the future of Lai Guan Lin and his new group. Although not officially named, the company claims that the rookie boygroup will debut in 2019. At the same time, Cube also revealed three members who are in the final line-up of the group.

These three members are Jo Woo Chan (12 years old), Yoo Seon Ho (16 years old), and Lai Guan Lin (17 years old)

Bae Jin Young will return to C9 ENT?

Unlike the above members of Wanna One, the future of Bae Jin Young is much harder to guess. Bae Jin Young is not only the first idol of C9 Entertainment, but the company itself has not had much experience in training idols, artists. This has also become a barrier to the future development of Bae Jin Young.

There are rumors saying that Bae Jin Young will debut with other handsome male idols of the new generation. Whether it is real or not, C9 company has not officially announced but this may also be a possibility of the future of Wanna One member.

Kim Jae Hwan officially signed with CJ E & M

After his success as a member of Wanna One, Kim Jae Hwan also signed a contract with CJ ENT for official debut after the group disbanded.

With the vocal skill and success through music shows, many fans also believe that Kim Jae Hwan will become a solo singer.

Yoon Ji Sung and Kang Daniel will be artists of an independent label under the MMO

Recently, two members of Wanna One, Kang Daniel and Yoon Jisung have discussed the establishment of a record label under MMO Ent as well as on signing the contracts. The company is in the process of establishing a legal entity, and they will sign the contracts in a short time. The two members decided to trust the staffs who spent time with trainees at B2M Ent and MMO Ent.

In fact, the contract with MMO Ent is still maintained. By the end of 2018, Kang Daniel and Yoon Jisung will continue to work with former staff members as artists under the new MMO management company. MMO also promised to support the 2 members in the near future.

However, under the new military service law in Korea, Yoon Ji Sung will be enlisted soon, and this is sad information for Kang Daniel who will continue his activities alone in the future.

Source: Kpopline

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