Wanna One’s concert ticket price was pushed to the lowest point in the US, true or false?

Where is the truth from the story of Wanna One’s concert ticket being lowered to the point of as cheap as possible?

Today (30/6), the first concert of Wanna One’s World Tour took place in Chicago, USA. Not long ago, Wanna One’s agency has announced that the concert will relocate from a stadium with 185,000 seats to a theater with only 4,400 seats. Despite minimizing the scale, but perhaps it’s still so hard for Wanna One to quickly sell their concert tickets in the United States.
Looking at the performing place with just one major stage, we can see that the scale of Wanna One’s concert in America was really bad.
After the unforeseen bad ticket sales, the boys’s new agency got criticized by the fans again for selling their concert tickets in the US with a so cheap price. In Asia, if the fans struggled a lot to win a seat at Wanna One’s concert then in Chicago, the tickets were lowered to the point of 6$ for a nearly 3-hour concert.
With the price of 6$ but still couldn’t sell all of the tickets, it’s a big shock to Wanna One and the agency when they had expected a concert that was much in demand and made an explosion in the US.
The fans are extremely frustrated with Swing Entertainment’s irresponsibility and bad orientation. Instead of holding a tour around Asia, the agency made a big risk with an world tour and then received the bitter fruits. Although Wanna One is a famous group in Korea, the boygroup is still just a rookie group which has been active for just a little more than one year, so it’s still too early for an American promotion. This failure was forseen by the fans because this country has always been a big challenge to Kpop artists.
However, there is also a part of the fandom claiming that 6$ is the price of the left over seats that were in a far away zone from the stage, plus they all had the bad view and they were sold just a few hours before the concert. The tickets in other nice zones were sold normally with a high price, and they were much sought after.
Tickets which though were resold with a high price were immediately sold out.
Most of all, no matter how the fans explain, the world tour was still a wrong step because the definition of a successful concert was that even though the seats are so far away, the fans would still spend a lot of money to buy them all. Overall, after all the incidents from minimizing the scale to lowering the price, the new agency of Wanna One should be more careful about their upcoming plans in order to avoid any unnecessary controversy for the boygroup.

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