How Wanna One Sweeps through Everything to Continuously Achieve Success?

2017 has witnessed the emergence of Wanna One boy band, one of the biggest new K-pop acts of this year.

With carefully selected 11 members from the second season of ‘survival’ competition show Produce 101, Wanna One including Lee Daehwi, Kang Daniel, Park Ji Hoon, Kim Jae Hwan, Ong Seong Wu, Park Woo Jin, Lai Guan Lin, Yoon Ji Sung, Hwang Min Hyun, Bae Jin Young, Ha Sung Woon has made their much-anticipated debut.

Up until now, it seems life is a bed of roses for Wanna One. From this August, the group has made their first debut showcase performance followed by their first singles ‘Energetic’ and ‘Burn it Up’, which have successfully been at the top tier of Korean online music charts. Having been awarded 11 trophies on various Korean music shows that are weekly broadcast such as ‘Show Champion’, Mnet ‘M Countdown’, MBC Music Core, etc., they have finally grabbed a triple crown on M Countdown for winning 3 consecutive weeks.

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Wanna One is a project promoting within a limited lifespan from this year’s August till the end of of 2018, which means they would only last for 1 year and 5 months more. With this in mind, Wanna One has actively participated in variety shows of both nationwide television networks and cable channels, particularly MBC Infinite Challenge, KBS2 Happy Together and Superman Return, KBS Immortal Song 2, TVN and SNL Korea.

Moreover, Wanna One also achieves much success in their overseas performances such as in the U.S, Los Angeles and Australia, Sydney. Although this is not their own concert, it is indeed an opportunity for them to meet and expand their influence to their international fans from multi-cultural backgrounds, indicating an anticipated promising future of this boy group.

From this August, as Wanna One has been proactive in increasing their influence in K-pop industry, it is predicted that they will stand a high chance of getting various awards at the end of this year. Wanna One has confirmed to attend 2017 Asia Artist Awards held on November 15. Besides, their on-stage performances broadcast on nationwide television networks also attract much attention from fan community and media.

On the other hand, a fair amount of over-concern from Wanna One’s fans has caused some adverse impacts on this boy group. Produce 101 is considered a platform for trainees from a variety of entertainment companies to gather and battle against each other. Then from the group ranking based purely on the general public votes, 11 most talented members will be selected and ‘produced’. And unfortunately, due to the tough competition, there comes quite a few hostile and negative criticism against some members during their performance.

Wanna One’s management company has constantly asked for legal aid against destructive criticism and negative attacks at their artists. Kang Daniel, the first runner in the last episode of Produce 101 season two, followed by Yoon Ji Sung, Lee Dae Hwi, Bae Jin Young, Park Woo Jin, etc. Such misbehaviors as human right violation, or sexual harassment carried out by toxic and negative netizens will be legally accused.

On September 20, YMC Entertainment has claimed to take responsibility of protecting their artists against disrespectful actions made by a certain number of fans, which, as a result, have adverse impacts on this boy group’s mental and physical health. To be more specific, YMC has caught a minority of fans secretly filming or creeping up on their idols.

Wanna One has a whole busy schedule ahead with many year-end activities as well as plans to react against negative attacks. But above all, Wanna One would like to appreciate their fan support for always staying by their sides.

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