Wanna One said NO to questions over plagiarism on this comeback

Boy group Wanna One is close to questions about plagiarism.

Wanna One held a press conference to commemorate the release of their first full-length album, “1¹¹=1 (POWER OF DESTINY)”, at the Yeouido Korea Hotel on the afternoon of November 19th.

The press conference was held to ask and answer questions about various issues such as Wanna One’s contract extension and next year’s concert.

When being asked about the “Wanna One’s plagiarism controversy” at the scene, the presenter said: “This is the place to share about Wanna One’s album release. We will relay the related issues to you later through officials.”

The title tracks are “BOMBALAM/Spring Wind,” in which you and I have been together as one, then have missed each other (DESTINY), but have the will to meet again to become one (POWER).

The album also contains 11 songs, including “Fireworks” by Ha Sung Woon himself and “Awake!” by Park Woo Jin, who is responsible for rapping.

Source: nate