Wanna One is ready for their disbandment and what Kang Daniel said had broken fans’ hearts

The time being together of Wanna One is not much anymore!

On Entertainment Weekly, 11 members of Wanna One had appeared together to talk about their last comeback. 

The members shared, “We understand each other very well since we work together, even if we just make eye contact, we still can communicate.” Wanna One also talked about the upcoming disbandment, Minhyun was quite moved: “I want to thank the members for bringing me happiness.”

Kang Daniel added, “We’ve been through a long, hectic journey for a year and a half, and I’m always ready to cheer on the members no matter what path they take.” Daniel’s words had made fans feel heartbreaking.

In addition, reporter Kim Tae Jin also prepared a meal for Wanna One and the members had enjoyed the meal deliciously. After the meal ended, Kim Tae Jin revealed, “This meal was prepared by a special person, Jihoon, it’s your mother!” and Park Jihoon‘s mother’s voice came out.

Surprised at his mother’s gift, Jihoon suddenly shed tears: “Mom’s meal is really delicious, I will work hard to make her proud.”

Source: Kenh14

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