Wanna One: From imperfect boys to national boygroup

Wanna One, a combination of 11 imperfect pieces, has formed a wonderful idol group whenever they are on the stage.

What Korean idols have to suffer or lose for their passion and future is not a new or strange thing to their fans. However, there are still 11 people whose success is not simply having sold 700.000 copies for the 1st album, but their transform journey from imperfect boys to national idols.

Fell down hurtfully

Looking at their currently amazing success, not many people remember that WANNA ONE was formed by 11 imperfect pieces that have a lot of weaknesses. First is the “national center” Kang Daniel with social media scandal during “Produce 101”, he quickly became the center of all attention. Or the little guy Lee Daehwi was suddenly criticized for his appearance which did not look like an ideal Korean idol. The comeback of Hwang Minhuyn was considered as “a loser trying to find his edge of glory which was already gone”.

produce 101 season 2, park jihoon, wanna one, cut
produce 101 season 2, park jihoon, wanna one, cut
There’s no success that is made completely from luckiness… and without real talents.

Strangely, these 11 imperfect pieces insist on sticking with each other and conquering their own passion in singing.

But stood up more strongly and stably than ever!

It is thought that, those scandals and negative comments that they suffered will let them down, but in fact, their teamwork and deep passion for music help them confirm who they are and who they will do it with. His continuous efforts in losing weight as well as hot choreography has turned Kang Daniel into a real “national center” of the new generation. Or Lai Guan Lin who used to pronounce Korean incorrectly can rock the stage now with his strong rapping.

What makes the audiences curious and excited about these 11 boys is not a totally perfect boy group, but a WANNA ONE who is full of weaknesses but become a wonderful combination when working together unexpectedly. They did not talk or explain much for their mistakes and weaknesses. In contrast, they acted.

wanna one, kang daniel, park jihoon

They tried hard to publish new and high quality products and attended many variety shows to improve themselves. Sometimes, they have to work continuously, they can only take a break once every 2 days or even, they only sleep 2-3 hours per day. However, the boys still keep living with their dreams. They had a successful debut with mini album “1X1=1 (To Be One)” whose 733.837 copies were sold within 101 days. Also, they sold 267.000 copies for repackaged album “1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)”. These are probably the biggest and most meaningful gifts for the continuous efforts of a newbie group like Wanna One.

They will not go on the same road in the future?

A big question is raised: When their 1 and a half year ends, will each of them be able to exist without the other 10 pieces as well as their teamwork? No one is sure about the answer. However, there is a truth that, the group members as well as the audiences can easily realize that: they created WANNA ONE and WANNA ONE created them.

wanna one, stage, kang daniel, park jihoon

Many people started their career with a big Zero, but many Zeros standing next to each other will increase the strength and value of WANNA ONE. In contrast, WANNA ONE gave them precious opportunities to explore themselves and to be more and more confident. Jae Hwan who used to cry because he couldn’t follow the group choreography is now a new Jae Hwan who is very confident in every steps.

They will not go on the same road in the future? That’s a concern of tomorrow…

Sources: yan, twitter, fb

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