Wanna One has been voted as the number one star who is losing fans because of their overactive staff

Netizens have chosen the group as the star who is losing popularity due to the staff’s overreaction.


According to a poll conducted by the community portal site DC Inside (CEO Kim Yusik) and a Korean AI application company called Mycelebs, Wanna One has been voted as the number one star who’s losing fans because of their overactive staff. The vote lasted seven days from October 21st to October 27th.

Wanna One, who topped the list with 909 votes (34.0 percent) out of the 2673 votes, was criticized by Internet users as their manager was caught pushing fans who come to see the idols.

Moreover, several videos like that were released in the past as well, so the level of criticism was higher, causing the agency to deliver an official apology.

The second place was EXO with 502 votes (18.8 percent). In 2015, EXO‘s manager A was fined for hitting the head of a fan who was trying to take pictures of EXO at a shuttle train station at Incheon Airport. The agency apologized by promising not to repeat the incident.

In addition, BTS, BLACKPINK, NCT127, and Red Velvet followed. The reality of K-pop music is that when becoming more popular, the groups have no choice but to pay their own expenses for personal safety and protection.

Source: Naver

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