Wanna One finally got together after 3 years with the full line-up

After the wait and expectation of fans and the members themselves, Wanna One will officially reunite after 3 years with all 11 members, including Lai Guan Lin.

On the afternoon of the 24th, Wanna One has released the first teaser image of the new digital single ‘B-Side‘, which will be released on the 27th, through the official SNS.  The released image attracts attention as it is engraved with the number 22-1-27, which  means the release date, letter B, and Wanna One’s official logo with the motif of a cassette tape – the symbolic object of Wanna One.

The said album is special with the meaning of “Beside“, which means that Wanna One and Wannable’s time, which was stopped on ‘A-Side’, is played/continued again with ‘B-Side’, (~next to)” that they will always be next to each other.

Wanna One B-side

Beautiful (Part.3)“, which will be included in “B-Side”, is a new song that Wanna One introduced at the 2021 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) for their reunion after 3 years. Following the title track “Beautiful” of the 2017 prequel repackage album, “Beautiful (Part.II)” of the first full album in 2018, “Beautiful (Part.3)” will continue to tell about Wanna One and Wannables’s beautiful and unchanging promises. 

After the stage of ‘2021 MAMA‘, the members continuously had discussions about the official song release. Therefore, Wanna One has decided to release an album to repay fans’ love and support. In particular, Lai Kuanlin, who unfortunately could not attend ‘MAMA 2021’, participated in the recording, and the meaningful song created by the 11 members together was completed.

Wanna One B-side

Wanna One, which ended its official activities after the Gocheok Sky Dome concert on January 27, 2019, will release “B-Side” on the 27th, three years later. This is more touching with Wanna One’s hope that the last day Wanna One and Wannables met will be remembered happily. On the other hand, Wanna One’s new digital single ‘B-Side’ will be released through online music sites at 6 pm on the 27th.

Wanna One B-side


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