WANNA ONE disbandment and bittersweet memories

In the midst of cheering for 2019, WANNA ONE fans cannot be cheerful

Grand concert MBC Gayo Daejejeon, one of the music shows welcoming the New Year in Korea, is the place where many idols gather. And this is also the last show that WANNA ONE joined as a group before the contract expires. New Year is joyful and happy but not for WANNA ONE

WANNA ONE's final stage.
WANNA ONE’s final stage.

After December 31st, 2018, the group’s contract with the management company will expired, meaning that the 11-member boy group will officially disbanded. While everyone is celebrating New Year, WANNA ONE and fans all fall into the void, forcing them to hide their sadness. This is the moment of the New Year’s transfer; the moment when they were last together as a WANNA ONE member, maybe for WANNA ONE and Wannable, this is the saddest New Year.

Deep regrets of fans.
Deep regrets of fans.

From this moment on, they are unable to keep the name WANNA ONE. 11 boys will go on their own way. But then the memories left by WANNA ONE name will definitely be difficult to erase.

Although WANNA ONE was just a project group that came out from Produce 101 and operated for less than two years, WANNA ONE has achieved many achievements and received love from the Kpop fan community. This farewell is not only a big loss to Wannable in particular but also brings many regrets for Kpop fans in general.

WANNA ONE will always be in your heart.

No matter what, surely Wannable will still follow and support them. As Kang Daniel said, “We just graduated from WANNA ONE class and this is not the end. There is sadness, but we still stay together because we are a family. ”

The end does not mean disappearance; WANNA ONE and 11 people will still be the best memories in Wannable’s youth. Let’s wait for the future surprises from them!

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