Wanna One didn’t have time to go to the hospital, having to rely on a… drug suitcase?

Picture of a drug suitcase that Wanna One bring to Germany is causing a wave in the fandom.

Recently, a topic about Wanna One has become a hot issue on Pann and Weibo. One fan had taken a screenshot from Wanna One’s documentary when the group went to Germany for Music Bank. It is nothing unusual until this fan discovered that the group carried a full pack of medications.

A full pack of drugs is brought to Germany by Wanna One.

This image has made many K-POP fans stunned. During the time from their debut until now, Wanna One did not have much rest and had to work on many activities. Not only that, fans were annoyed when Swing Entertainment did not take care of the group’s members’ health. Wanna One did not seem to have time to go to the hospital for a health check so they must have had to take medicines. Until now, there have been many members show a decline in health but they still have to run the schedule as usual without rest.

Fans are worried because Wanna One members must use too much medicine at a time

Not only Wanna One, many K-POP idols are dependent on medications and vitamins. Especially painkillers are very common, a temporary treatment but contains more harm to the body. It all comes from too much work pressure and the body is not fully provided with supplements because of their diet. This is an alarming situation about the severity of entertainment industry in Korea.

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