Wanna One, BtoB, iKON to have special stages at Melon Music Awards

Melon introduced ‘2018 Melon Music Awards with Kakao’’s theme (MY STORY) that celebrates its 10th anniversary.

K-POP’s new record will be written as the special stage is heralded by big artists who have been unable to be seen one place.

In addition to the groups that have confirmed their appearance, BTS, iKON, BlackPink, Wanna One, APink, Mamamoo, Bolbbalgan4 and BtoB have also joined the game. For the biggest music festival in Korea, the award ceremony has unveiled some special stages that are prepared under the theme of ‘MY STORY’ of ‘2018 MMA’.

“Seo Eun- really wanted to do this,” BtoB, who won the top spot in a music show recently, said, expressing their gratitude and longing for Seo Eun- and are preparing for a stage where they seem to be working together as a full seven-member group through “Story Telling.”

iKON, the owner of “the farewell trilogy” with “Love Scenario” and “Killing Me” followed by “Goodbye Road,” will tell the story of men saying goodbye to their love through a beautiful and grand collaboration with the orchestra.

Wanna One, who won the rookie award and performed the lyrical and powerful first act of “Youth Chapter 1” last year, will deliver a meaningful performance to with “Youth Chapter 2.” After another Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter passed, Wanna One, who returned with “Spring Breeze” will bring what kind of performance to fans?

Mamamoo attracts more fans with their sexy and brilliant performances. introduces two opposing scenes that are shaken by strong temptations in a new form with “artistic elements.” The mise en scène for is another point of observation. Apink will be filled with a deadly charm that reminds people of Moulin Rouge. It is expected that the drama will transform itself from a grand and stage into a “Moulin Rouge diva” that creates an atmosphere of solitude. Bolbbalgan4 will also show off a story about the “Journey with someone” on stage that was not usually shown.

“We will announce the final lineup soon with artists actively participating in the world stage,” an official from Melon Music Awards said. “We will send them to K-POP and Melon for a meaningful and prosperous music festival.”

Meanwhile, “2018 Melon Music Awards with Kakao” will be held at 7 p.m. on December 1.

Source: Osen