Wanna attract many fanboys like IU? Learn these 6 cute habits from her now!

Whatever she does, fans always see it as cute!

Anyone of us must have our own good and bad habits which started from when we were kids and continue to present.Recently fans compiled 6 cute habits of IU from TV shows or random moments in her life.

Always put out both of her hands when receiving an award

Fans discovered that IU has had this habit since a very long time ago. Every time she receives an award, she would run excitedly to the stage with both of her hands in front of her. From the moment her name is called to the moment she steps onto the stage, the “Good Day” singer is always ready to bring the trophy home.


Even though she has been in the industry for 10 years, IU still shows her excitement whenever she receives an award like a rookie. However, this habit sometime annoys herself because she has to wait for the host to introduce the award even when she is desperate for the trophy.

Putting a finger on her lips when she is thinking hard

Whenever IU is too focus on something, she has a habit of putting a finger onto her lips. Even though no one question this habit of her, many fans think that maybe her pointy finger has the power to help her thinks faster. This cute habit which is thought to be of kids only is a frequent habit of IU!

Glared-eyes when wanting to look sassy

Despite having a very innocent and gentle face, this 26-year-old girl loves to act fiercely to scare people around. In front of the juniors, IU often looks mature and poignant but if anyone regularly watches IU TV will see that the singer is quite … child-like.

She was very good at using her eyes to show herself. The regular victim of the singer is the poor manager of Hanteo. However, this technique of the national sister does not often make people afraid because the expression only looks funny.

Little finger going astray

Whenever IU moved her hand, whether it was a heart shape or waving to a fan, her little finger looks lost to the rest of her fingers. The small hand of the female singer brings a lovely feeling like a baby.

Puffy cheeks when drinking water

Normally, people will drink the water like “gulp, gulp”. But IU is different, “the Queen of Digital Music” often kept the water in her mouth for a few seconds before swallowing. Every time, the voice of the 1993 singer made the other person want to … pinch her puffy cheeks right away!

Eat slowly, chew carefully

This is a healthy habit that the national girl still maintains. Whether hungry or full, IU always eats slowly, chew carefully. When eating, she always kept her mouth closed, ensuring the best picture possible. IU’s strange way of eating caused a fever in Korea after the “Hyori’s Bead & Breakfast” show aired. Many people are crazy and learn this characteristic habit of the female singer. People even use the phrase “IU habit” to talk about how many people try to imitate her diet.

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