V’s (BTS) real-life visual stunned Korean fans

V was voted as one of the most outstanding visuals in Kpop industry nowadays.

Recently, a thread called “V real life” on Pann page attracted much attention of Korean netizen. This BTS member is famous for their outstanding appearance but fans still have to gasp in front of his beauty.
Even with the normal mobile camera, V (Kim Tae Hyung) stunned the fans with his beautiful and perfect face.
A fan posted the moment V appeared at the airport and commented: “Even when masking the mask, he still exudes a super-charming difference.”
Many people commented that V had a more handsome and masculine kind of visual.
V‘s eyelid eyes are also a feature which was praised by fans. Thanks to the long eye rim and thick black eyelashes, V is able to “knock down” many fans’ hearts.
Not many Korean male idols own a straight, vertical nose naturally like V.
The idol is beautiful but on stage, when dyeing light-colored hair, wearing lenses and makeup, the beauty of V felt like a character coming straight out of comics. One fan commented: “I wish everyone could see V in real life. All the members are handsome but V shines in a different way. The people standing next to me all gasped and couldn’t say anything when they see V with their own eyes “.
On December 25th, when BTS attended 2018 SBS Gayo Daejun, the name V also became one of the most searched keywords on the Daum portal.
Netizen concluded that it was no coincidence that V was voted the “most handsome face in the world”. V is the “visual king”, one of the male idols has the most attractive appearance of Kpop today.

Source: iOne

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