V’s black hair at the The Fact Music Awards immediately went on the top search chart

BTS V is extremely handsome with his new black hair.

On April 24th, BTS attended the ‘U+5G The Fact Music Awards’ held at Incheon Namdong Gymnasium in Namdong district, Incheon province.

BTS won 3 prizes at this year TMA: U+Idol Live Popularity, Best Album and Artist of the Year.

V dyed his hair from straight-up electric blue to black and when he was shown on the big screen, all the audience erupted in cheers.

His new black hair also drove the social media crazy. The key word “V’s black hair” went on the top search immediately. His sculpture-like visual with black hair gave fans a “heart attack”

On social media channels, netizens have left a variety of responses, including “V is everything”, “V suits every kind of hair color”, “Black hair is the only truth,” “I got a heart attack the moment I saw his black hair”, “His merciless side-profile”,…

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