“Gay? We’re just best friends!” VIXX’s Leo explained controversial Instagram post with EXO’s Xiumin

“We’re just best friends”. Leo personally explained the “homosexual controversy” happening with Xiumin.

VIXX‘s Leo and EXO‘s Xiumin are famous for being best friends. However, the picture with Xiumin that Leo uploaded on his Instagram on Nov 6th was the beginning of this happening. In the photo, the two made a “super close” pose under the red light. He also attached a caption saying “I love you”, but later revived as “This guy”. Since most fans know that the two are very close, they responded, “The picture is so cute” and “Both are super handsome.” However, some responded, “Why BL mode on?” “They look too close?”

VIXX Leo EXO Xiumin gay
VIXX Leo EXO Xiumin gay

Amid the controversy, Leo explained about his close friendship with Xiumin on Naver V Live, which took place late at night on November 10th, saying, “He (Xiumin) also knows the password of my house,” and “It was the day when Xiumin has a performance schedule and I don’t. I was drinking wine. We usually do a lot of skinship, not the weird kind though. “Aigoo the picture (of them posing face to face) was so cute,” he said, explaining the atmosphere at the time.

VIXX Leo EXO Xiumin gay
VIXX Leo EXO Xiumin gay

“In the morning, I saw my caption that says ‘I love you’ and deleted it because it was cringeworthy.” He explained in a cute way and was embarrassed of the fact that the phrase led to misunderstanding. At the end, fans responded by saying “They’re totally real friends,””Oh, so cute,” “I know you two are close,” and “Our Leo is handsome no matter what he does.”


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