Viewers find a particular scene in the last episode of Squid Game terrifying

Netflix’s original series ‘Squid Game’ has become a worldwide syndrome.

Squid Game

The popularity of Netflix’s hit Squid Game is still increasing everyday as various reviews and theories related to the series continue to appear on different websites and online communities.

Notably, a particular review stated that a scene in the last episode of ‘Squid Game’ is the most terrifying, which many other viewers agree with.

The final winner Ki Hoon (Lee Jung Jae) earns the prize of 45.6 billion won, but he suffers from a guilty feeling after witnessing the death of many other players, including those who are close to him.

Squid Game
Squid Game

Having been living like a loser for a year, Ki Hoon eventually comes to his senses and gets Sae Byeok (Jung Ho Yeon)’s younger brother out of the orphanage. After that, Ki Hoon visits Sang Woo (Park Hae Soo)’s mother. He asks her to take care of Sae Byeok’s younger brother and hands her a mysterious suitcase. The suitcase is filled with 50,000 won bills along with Ki Hoon’s note, “This is the money I borrowed from Sang Woo.”

Surprised by the large amount of money, Sang Woo’s mother hurriedly tries to follow Ki Hoon, but it is already too late. Sang Woo’s mother then leaves the suitcase open with the money inside, perhaps because she is in a rush. Upon watching this scene, many netizens share that they tremble with anxiety, “What if someone steals that money?”, “Please close the suitcase”… Some foreign viewers also shouted “Hide your suitcase quickly” at the scene when they saw it for the first time.

Meanwhile, ‘Squid Game’ has topped Netflix’s global TV show category for 16 days from September 23 until now.

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