V suffered from health problems due to tight schedules?

Idols’ health is probably one of the fans’ top priorities to keep an eye on. Recently, BTS V’s case has caused netizens’ attention.

Recently on the M! Countdown stage, after BTS performed “DIOL”, the ARMYs noticed that V‘s hand showed some abnormal signs. This made the fans extremely nervous as it may be because the overload schedule recently had caused him showing signs of exhaustion.

It can be said that BTS is the hottest idol group in Korea currently and at the same time, they’re having a great influence on the world’s entertainment industry as well. Therefore, all the information involving the group is of great interest to the public.

Currently, BTS is still in their promotion for “IDOL”. After a series of success, especially the grand prize at the MTV Awards, BTS is rising without a hitch. Therefore, it is understandable that the members have to work hard to make the most out of their time. With a tough battlefield like Kbiz, it’s not uncommon for idols to be exhausted.

Idols’ weakness of appearance that is still amazingly beautiful in fans’ eyes

In the end, what ARMYs and Kpop fans in general want is a well balanced schedule without too much pressure so that the members’ health can be ensured.

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