V – Jung Kook (BTS) ‘transformed’ spectacularly when taking mirror selfies

The mirror selfies of two BTS’s youngest members over the years have shown how much they have changed.

 A post about V and Jung Kook is gaining attention on Twitter.  Fans put together the mirror selfies from 2013 until now of two BTS members. Three photos taken at three different times, from 2013, 2015 to 2021, show the significant change in appearance and charisma of the two male idols.

V - Jung Kook (BTS) 'transformed1
Three photos demonstrate the impressive maturity of the two BTS members.
V - Jung Kook (BTS) 'transformed2
V and Jung Kook in October 2013 – when BTS only debuted for 4 months.
V and Jung Kook in April 2015.
V and Jung Kook in April 2015.

 In the 2013 selfie, the V – Jung Kook duo gave off innocent vibes since they were at the age of 15, 17. In 2015, the two were older but still looked cute and playful. In the photo in early 2021, the two idols showed noticeable maturity. Still a mirror selfie but V and Jungkook now give off cool, masculine vibes of 23, 25-year-old men. This photo posted on January 1 brought the keyword “Taekook” to the top global Twitter trending with more than 250,000 tweets.  Fans couldn’t calm down after seeing the visual combo of two BTS maknaes. Looking back at the “transformation” from “cute boy” to “bad boy” of two BTS members, fans also realise how much time has gone by.

V - Jung Kook (BTS) 'transformed' spectacularly when taking mirror selfies

 Fans are also delighted at the change in the background of these photos.  Two photos from 2013 and 2015 were taken in a modest practice room at the old Big Hit building. In the recent photo, V and Jung Kook both look like “rich kids” when taking photos at Big Hit’s New Year concert backstage.  The years of hard work and continuous efforts of the BTS members have helped them get to the place they are now, currently in the peak of their careers.

V - Jung Kook (BTS) 'transformed' spectacularly when taking mirror selfies
and Jung Kook grew up from young innocent boys to the “male gods” who captured the hearts of millions of fangirls.

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