V (BTS) suddenly showed off his extremely sexy body

The image of V in the show ‘RUN! BTS’ is like a knock out to defeat the entire fandom.

On the evening of March 9, episode 132 of the reality show RUN! BTS aired with many funny moments when the Big Hit group played underwater games.  V attracts attention with extremely sexy image.  Normally, V is the one who rarely shows off his body, but this time, the male idol stripped his shirt to reveal his sexy muscles and hot body in the pool.


V’s series of images in episode 132 created a “big explosion” on social networks.  V has a charming and humorous entertainment skill, so he is loved by fans every time he appears on a reality show.  With the “shocking” image last night, V is said to have knocked out … the entire fandom.  Handsome face, masculine skin combined with strong and healthy body have made fans fall in love.  Fans praised V for working hard in the gym so that his healthy body was more attractive than before.

The keyword “Kim Taehyung” has been on top global trending of Twitter. “‘V’s body” is also the topic that fans are actively discussing in Korea, Japan, China because fans all around the world are crazy about his perfect image.  Some comments: “V is both cute and sexy”;  “Hopefully the show will release the full HD version now”;  “Our lovely V has transformed into such a sexy guy?”; … 

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