V (BTS): He looks like coming out of a cartoon

V (BTS) catches people’s attention with his innocent visuals that seemed to come out of a pure cartoon.

V (BTS): He looks like coming out of a cartoon

On the afternoon of the 26th, BTS released a concept photo of “Permission to Dance”. Fans all around the world can use wallpaper for mobile phones through their official Naver post.

They took the photos in front of the backdrop of the Samcheok Sea. These gorgeous photos gave people a cool feeling to blow away the midsummer heat.

Among them, V‘s pictures captured the hearts of fans around the world with his gorgeous and beautiful visuals as well as his sweet smile.

His visuals makes women’s heart go crazy.

Meanwhile, BTS was named “a special presidential envoy for future generations and cultures” on the 21st by Korea president Moon Jae In.

BTS was the first Korean pop culture artist to be appointed as a presidential envoy. They will attend major international conferences in September, including the U.N. General Assembly, to convey a message of comfort and hope.

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