V and Jungkook made fans proud with their little heart-warming actions in BTS’ Singapore concert

BTS’ V and Jungkook’s small consideration that took place at their concert in Singapore on the 19th is being spread to the world through SNS and impressing fans.

BTS’ V was caught on camera by fans while wiping the floor with a towel soaked with water and sweat during the performance, drawing attention from fans on Twitter.

The stage was very slippery with water and sweat, and there were many moments when all the members almost fell. It was a situation that could lead to a big accident.

After watching this scene, V left the stage without a word and brought a towel and sat around to wipe the floor. It was V’s consideration for the members by reducing even the smallest risk for them. The youngest member, Jungkook, also brought a towel and wiped it with him.

As the image is spread through social networking sites, fans all over the world are impressed by the small consideration of V, who is always called an icon of good influence and consideration.

Fans say, “It’s okay to have the staff clean the floor, but you can see V’s angel-like personality.” “I’m proud of V, who does not hesitate to set a good example while doing this thing himself,” they say.

After the concert, the heartwarming story of the BTS’ Jungkook also became the talk of the town. Jungkook is famous for bowing and saying good-bye to his fans after concerts and award ceremonies. Along with this, he is also known to take immediate action to deal with the safety of fans who are standing up under the stage.

At the concert, while coming down from the stage and said “thank you” to fans, Jungkook quickly picked up a fan’s phone that was dropped out of the fence and handed it to the fan.

Fans sent out explosive responses such as, “The angel who picks up the phone,” “It’s so sweet, Jungkook,” and “There is no way he is not an angel.” “I don’t think she would be upset if her phone had some scratches.

Sources: Naver

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