Using the handicap parking space? Another controversy from T.O.P on his last day of work

Big Bang T.O.P has been embroiled in controversy on the last day of his job as a social worker.

T.O.P went to work at the Yongsan Craft Museum in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, on July 6th morning. This was his last day to work as a social service personnel. He was originally scheduled to get discharged on July 8th, but the session was moved up to July 6th to match the closing day of the Yongsan Craft Museum.

However, even his last route to work was controversial. His car stopped in the handicapped parking area, and T.O.P walked out of the car. Signs of the handicap parking spots were clearly shown on photos of the reporters, and netizens are making bitter remarks toward T.O.P.

Netizens responded by saying, “Seeing these photos, anyone would have thought that this is the way to work of the head of the district office,” “It’s the worst at this point,” “He’s such a VIP character“,…

Meanwhile, T.O.P. initially began his military service as a police officer, but was indicted while in service for smoking marijuana and sentenced to two years of probation in October 2017. He started his alternative service by automatically forfeiting his status as a police officer and turning into a social worker.

Source: nate

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