Unlike the BLACKPINK unnie-line’s sexy outfits, Lisa dressed modestly on her trip to France

During their trip to France for Paris Fashion Week, BLACKPINK members chose sexy outfits and flaunted their beautiful body curses, while Lisa dressed casually.

BLACKPINK has recently become the most sought-after name during Paris Fashion Week. Netizens have paid close attention to each member’s activities. The images in France of the girls are also constantly made headlines.

blackpink lisa
The maknae Lisa wears discreet outfits during her days in France.

Lisa recently shared photos of herself visiting tourist sites in Nice, the most charming coastal city in the Mediterranean. She always dresses simply, with trousers and long sleeves or a very subtle turtleneck sweater. Because Lisa did not attend Paris Fashion Week as planned, her outfits during her visit to the fashion capital drew overwhelming attention from fans.

While the other members were constantly wearing sexy outfits with see-through tops, or croptops showing off their “ant” waists, Lisa was discreetly dressed in dynamic and youthful outfits. However, her fashion sense still receives many compliments.

blackpink lisa

Lisa picked on basic clothes with skinny jeans and a shirt mixed with a blazer instead of seductive, eye-catching dresses. Previously, fans were worried that she was being mistreated by the company, but images of the idol having fun during this trip to France made the public feel happy.

Although not as gorgeous as on stage, the female idol still exudes a sophisticated look. Her accessories, such as purses, spectacles, and watches, are enough to catch everyone’s attention.

blackpink lisa
Lisa is still very cool in Celine’s outfit.

Despite having finished their schedule in France, BLACKPINK’s unnie line constantly posted photos of their moments in the city nicknamed Capital Of Fashion. BLACKPINK’s streetwear collection also steals fans’ hearts because they were put in the same effort as the girls’ red carpet outfits.

Among the members, Jisoo chooses a gentle and elegant style with familiar “princess” outfits. Her clothes are not too detailed but still show off her extremely beautiful waist. Thanks to this, BLACKPINK’s oldest member can shine in even unedited close-up photos.

blackpink jisoo
The muse of Dior makes netizens flutter with her outfit when visiting Paris 

Rosé also put on a somewhat concealing outfit which still reveals her admirable any-like waist. She takes advantage of her high-waist pants in combination with a crop top, or a simple black dress from YSL.

blackpink rose
The idol shows her ant-like waist in most of the outfits she wore in France. 

Jennie never disappoints by walking around the street with a super-thin nude-color shirt and CK’s sports bra. Moreover, the outfit that hides her pants and shows off her slim legs also caused a stir in the online community.

blackpink jennie
Fashion icon Jennie makes netizens praise for her trendy fashion style. 

Whether modest clothes or sexy outfits that show their ant-like waists, the BLACKPINK girls have given international fans as well as the Korean online community a lot of impressions. What do you think of the girls’ fashion in Paris?

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