University students boycott YG’s artists and the public’s mixed reaction

There is currently a wave of boycotting YG singers at university festivals.

Starting with the “Burning Sun” incident of Big Bang Seungri, the public is not being gentle with what is happening at YG Entertainment, including details of YG Entertainment’s corporate card payment, tax authorities’ investigation into YG Entertainment and various suspicions.

YG Entertainment has been called the nation’s top three K-pop agencies, creating a large number of popular singers. However, public opinion began to form early this year that YG singer should be boycotted due to a series of serious controversies. Such public opinion began to be more noticeable, especially after the university festival season began.

The situation started at Myongji University. After the student council of Myongji University said it invited iKON to the festival, they immediately received a grand-page notice titled, “I denounce the student council inviting singer from YG agency, which is under investigation regarding the Burning Sun Gate, to the school festival.”

Students at Myongji University said, “Lee (Seungri), a former singer of the agency, is deeply involved in the club Burning Sun Gate and rape cartels, while the agency’s CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, is under investigation by tax authorities on tax evasion charges. In the midst of this, paying money to the agency to invite its singers is an astoundingly senseless act by the student council which can be seen a sympathizing with the serious criminal acts that are causing problems at an national level.”

At this point, the act of consuming the entertainment of Y company can be seen as an indirect sympathy for the vicious criminal behavior,” they said. “The socially controversial companies and universities responsible for students’ intellectual achievements cannot co-exist, and we urge the student council to reflect on themselves after conducting the festival without any consideration beforehand.

Recently, Hanyang University’s ERICA Campus also issued a statement demanding cancellation of WINNER’s invitation to the festival. The statement’s author said, “We don’t want to have any relation with YG’s series of scandals. We oppose the flow of our tuition to YG, a hotbed of crime. It’s a matter of right and wrong, not of men and women. The student council should make the right decision immediately so that our tuition fees do not contribute to YG even just 1 penny,” they claimed.

Students are complaining that their tuition is being used in places that are not right, as the tuition fees of the students eventually go to the university festival. On the other hand, some say that singers who have nothing to do with the incident should not be harmed.

Regarding these students’ opinion, netizens said, “I’m sorry for the innocent YG singers, but I can’t help it“, “Students can fully express their opinions because it’s their own tuition“, and “Isn’t it too much to just wrap YG on suspicion? What did the artists to be boycotted like this?”.

Attention is focusing on what impact the university will have in the future amid growing calls for a boycott of YG singers.

Source: nate

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