Unfiltered visuals of female Kpop idols in photos taken with phone camera: Jisoo – Irene are unmatched

The beauty of Yoona, members of BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, Sulli, Hyuna… easily create a visual shock for anyone who sees them in real life. 

Idols are always beautiful on albums and magazine photos thanks to editing tools and a professional makeup team. However, the official images uploaded by the companies are always edited, so fans are always wondering what the real beauty of Korean female idols would be like in raw, unfiltered photos.

Recently, a series of phone camera photos of idols have taken social media by storm. Even low-quality pictures cannot downgrade the visuals of Kpop idols, instead, they even look prettier. 


blackpink jisoo
As expected of the 3rd generation Kpop top goddess, Jisoo has never disappointed fans with her Miss Korea visuals. In a camera photo, Jisoo still shines as if she was shooting a pictorial with her sharp facial features, bright smile and mesmerizing aura.
blackpink lisa
In this blurry moment, Lisa still shows a pretty face like a living doll. The big round eyes, plump lips and sharp nose bridge of the Thai female idol can be clearly seen.
blackpink rose
Although this photo was taken at close distance and without any editing, Rosé’s skin still looks spotless, smooth. Her delicate features look the same as in edited photos
blackpink jennie
The photo is shaken and blurred, even with poor lighting, but Jennie is still beautiful like a princess with a signature classy aura. In particular, the beautiful features on the face of “Living Chanel” are admirable. 
blackpink jennie
Jennie’s eye-catching skinny body also takes netizens by surprise

Red Velvet

irene red velvet
Irene is undoubtedly the most beautiful member of Red Velvet. Her visuals look like she is the star of a movie poster, even in a photo that was taken in a hurry by fans when Irene was unprepared
wendy red velvet
Wendy stands out in the crowd thanks to her glowing white skin. The female idol’s facial features are as gorgeous as a living doll
joy red velvet
No need for heavy makeup, Joy’s smile is enough to make fans fall for her. 

Yoona (SNSD)

Looking at Yoona’s magazine photos, she is already divinely beautiful, but Yoona in real life looks even sweeter and more pure. This is a viral picture of Yoona taken by a passerby because of how amazing she looks. 
Yoona’s side profile takes fans’ breath away because it is so perfect


Hyuna also looks sexy and fiery in real life, but she also gives off sweet vibes with her doll-like eyes and features


The late female idol Sulli also has amazingly beautiful moments in phone camera pictures. 
This legendary phone camera of Sulli is truly unrivaled


“Nation’s first love” Suzy is still as beautiful as a goddess in a phone camera photo. Suzy’s perfect facial features and elegant aura are even more surreal when fans get to see her with their own eyes


IU is radiant and adorable in ordinary camera photos taken in a hurry. “Nation’s little sister” almost bare face is indescribably beautiful

Sana (TWICE)

sana twice
In real life, Sana is beautiful and has a perfect body like when she is dressed up in fancy clothes and wears makeup on stage. Sana’s toned legs make fans jealous.

Yuna (ITZY)

With blonde hair, Yuna looks like a Disney princess. Even blurry, shaky photos can’t downgrade Yuna’s beauty
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